After having diagnosed of cancer, I am just thinking about symptoms I had some months earlier…

Going back in time, I have used hormonal IUD since after giving birth to my second child in 1990, and replaced it every 5th year. The last time it was set in was in 2009. It should have taken out in the early part of 2014 but my midwife said it doesn’t really matter if I have it a year more since I am soon having my menopause. 
In February 2015, I was scheduled to have a pap test (see below) but I lose the notification so I had to call the Maternity care twice to ask the exact date but unfortunately they never called me back so as a result I missed the scheduled test. I called again to rebook the schedule for a pap test and I got rescheduled on March 11 and at the same time take out my IUD.
A week prior to the scheduled test I started bleeding, it was not too much and it stopped a day before going to the maternity care on March 11 but since it has still traces of blood, my midwife couldn’t take the test so she just took out the IUD. I felt a lot of blood ran out from me and i saw when she threw the IUD in the trust, blood ran down on the almost transparent plastic bag inside the trust can. She just said you bleed so easily! Without taking any pap test this time we rescheduled it 2 weeks after but then I was still bleeding after 2 weeks, not so much blood though, a panty shield was enough for a protection. Maybe it was because of the new contraceptives which I got prescription for which I took after taking out the IUD. I stopped taking the contraceptives and we reschedule the test again another week but still bleeding until I went on holiday to the Philippines as planned earlier. I got another schedule time for the test on May 11 after coming home from my holiday.

While on holiday, I bleed some days, some days none but it was the same, I just use a panty shield whenever I bleed. I asked my friend of my age and she said the bleeding is normal when reaching this age so I was not really alarmed of this abnormality. But somehow on my way home while I was in the plane, I went to the toilet and before flashing I saw a lot of white blood in the toilet bowl, the consistence was just like a fish brain only it was more, it was almost like a soft pooh but white, I could guest it was nearly a deciliter in quantity. I was 95% sure it came out from me but I really didn’t feel when it came out. I thought I was just urinating. I still wonder until now what that was. I forgot to tell my doctor.

I called my midwife and cancelled my time for pap test again on May 11 because this time I was bleeding more so I had to used sanitary napkins and tampons. I asked why I am still bleeding and she told me that the menstruation process can be like this at my age but if you are bleeding a lot then you must consult a doctor, she said.

Thinking about it now…taking out the previous IUDs was not like this last one, this was the 5th or even 6th time she removed my IUD, my midwife had no reaction at all, she should have suspected something was wrong. I remember they even had difficulty to set in the IUD 6 years ago so I had to go to the general hospital for specialist. They said that my uterus was somehow not straight or something has changed but nobody reacted about this. (For symptoms of cervix cancer please read here)

Should I have been smarter, I should have reacted myself then, when nobody did but you see I am an accountant and I don’t know anything about medicine, so I just relied to what others said to me.

A Pap test is a test of a sample of cells taken from a woman’s cervix and vagina. The test is used to look for changes in the cells of the cervix and vagina that show cancer or conditions that may develop into cancer.

Published by queenkeandra

I am a swedish citizen with asian origin, lives in Sweden, entrepreneur, accountant, fashion designer, dressmaker, professional interpreter and translator and from year 2014, I also became a local politician with some assignments from the local government. I moved to Sweden after marriage with a Swedish national in 1986. Two years later we got a son followed by a daughter after 21 months. Satisfied with life in fact, I guess I got all I wished for, it feels I have everything. Being married is not just a bed of roses, the roses have thorns also and you can get it at times but we’ve always been doing pretty good. Kinder and better husband I do not think I can get, everyone has their flaws and life becomes easier if you can accept them. I’m not a perfect person either. I became a grandmother quite young, only 45 years old, was a little skeptical at first but then I loved to be one. Now I am already a grandmother of two, a boy and a girl of 20 months between them, such a great feeling, it feels like it was a replay of my life. When I have both of them at home, it feels like I was young again and is the mother of small children. I can not explain but so damn good it is. When I moved to Sweden I knew nothing about the country, but now it feels like I’ve always lived here. I speak Swedish better than my native language, better in Swedish grammar than my husband, it may sound strange but it’s true. I dream even in Swedish. I hang out with many Swedes, have worked and still working in Swedish companies. I go to the Swedish church though I am a Roman Catholic. We believe in the same God anyway. I’ve adapted pretty well in Swedish society. I think I have to adjust to that country I moved to, not the country or its citizens to adapt to me. Sweden has no responsibility whatsoever that I wanted to move here so I could not demand anything else, but now a citizen, I think I have the right as any other native Swedes. I pay taxes and do my duties as a citizen. I think I am a good role model and a loyal citizen and can fight for my new country.

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