Visit to Gynoncological Ward

Today I am booked to have a visit to my doctor at the gynoncological ward. I am always tensed when doing visits like this, I don’t know what is going to be done. According to the notification, this visit would take 3 hours. What will happen on these 3 hours, I don’t know yet. Right now I and my husband are in a taxi that brings us to Sahlgrenska University Hospital. It would take us around 3 hours.

to be contonued…

We arrived at Sahlgrenska around 2:30 PM and went directly to the 4th floor where the gynoncologist  ward is. We were fetch by my doctor around 3:00 PM and went to her recieving room. She explained to us how the procedure would be. She said she had met me on the day of my examination under anesthesia but I was of course unconscious. She also explained to us how the cancer look like, as Skaraborgs hospital found out on the MRI the cancer had spread on the surrounding tissues and even on the right side where the urinary tract is and it is not advisable for an operation anymore and since it is too big now, 5 cm, the best procedure is radiation and chemo therapy but of course these methods has several side effects, some of them are over fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, lost of appetite, etc. I will be having radiation therapy 5 days a week and chemo therapy once a week with start on August 21, 2015 within 6-7 weeks. The procedure will be repeated if necessary after 3 months from the last day of therapy, and repeated as many times as necessary until the cancer is gone. In short…this process could take up to 1 year and could take up to 5 years before they can declare me healthy. I feel even more depress and worried and I just cried in front of my doctor and my husband, while they were comforting me…everything is gonna be OK. I am on the hands of specialists and it feels that they really know what they are doing.

I also found out from my doctor that pap test as I mentioned earlier is only 75% accurate so we shouldn’t rely on the pap result. Be aware of the symptoms instead and contact your doctor immediately if you have these abnormality.

My future nurse show us around and and explain how the treatment is going to be. We were finished around 4:00 PM and went to eat something before the taxi pick us up at 16:55 PM and finally home at 7:30 PM. Very tired and went to bed early and forgot take my injection.

The blood test which was done yesterday shows good value except my blood count so I need to continue with my iron tablets, I thought I could stop already since it makes my vowels very dark, I feel uncomfortable with it and even makes my stomach produce more gas.

I am also booked for picture taking with PET/CT camera on August 6 at Nuclear Medicine section where they are taking pictures all over my body to determine unusual activities. Positron emission tomography (PET) is a very expensive modality, requiring not only a million-dollar-plus PET scanner but also expensive equipment and highly trained personnel to generate the radiopharmaceuticals used for PET imaging. Nevertheless, thousands of these scanners are in service around the world.
Unlike computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which show anatomic detail, PET images biochemical or physiologic phenomena. Because of this, PET offers substantial advantages over anatomic imaging modalities in oncologic imaging. PET can often distinguish between benign and malignant lesions when CT and MRI cannot.
The basis of PET imaging is the labeling of small, biologically important molecules, such as sugars, amino acids, nucleic acids, receptor-binding ligands, or even water and molecular oxygen, with positron-emitting radionuclides. When these positron-emitting tracers undergo radioactive decay, their positions can be detected by the PET scanner.
For more information about PET, please check this link.

Published by queenkeandra

I am a swedish citizen with asian origin, lives in Sweden, entrepreneur, accountant, fashion designer, dressmaker, professional interpreter and translator and from year 2014, I also became a local politician with some assignments from the local government. I moved to Sweden after marriage with a Swedish national in 1986. Two years later we got a son followed by a daughter after 21 months. Satisfied with life in fact, I guess I got all I wished for, it feels I have everything. Being married is not just a bed of roses, the roses have thorns also and you can get it at times but we’ve always been doing pretty good. Kinder and better husband I do not think I can get, everyone has their flaws and life becomes easier if you can accept them. I’m not a perfect person either. I became a grandmother quite young, only 45 years old, was a little skeptical at first but then I loved to be one. Now I am already a grandmother of two, a boy and a girl of 20 months between them, such a great feeling, it feels like it was a replay of my life. When I have both of them at home, it feels like I was young again and is the mother of small children. I can not explain but so damn good it is. When I moved to Sweden I knew nothing about the country, but now it feels like I’ve always lived here. I speak Swedish better than my native language, better in Swedish grammar than my husband, it may sound strange but it’s true. I dream even in Swedish. I hang out with many Swedes, have worked and still working in Swedish companies. I go to the Swedish church though I am a Roman Catholic. We believe in the same God anyway. I’ve adapted pretty well in Swedish society. I think I have to adjust to that country I moved to, not the country or its citizens to adapt to me. Sweden has no responsibility whatsoever that I wanted to move here so I could not demand anything else, but now a citizen, I think I have the right as any other native Swedes. I pay taxes and do my duties as a citizen. I think I am a good role model and a loyal citizen and can fight for my new country.

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