Top 27 Alkaline Foods

After having diagnosed and treated for cancer, I have been reading a lot of articles on how to prevent this deadly desease. My husband used to say I am over exaggerating. I am very careful now on everything I put in my mouth and even plastic utensils and such. I am so afraid, I don’t want to get through it once again.
Top 27 Alkaline Foods On The Planet (Eat More To Prevent Cancer, Obesity And Heart Disease)

I just find this article very interesting and I would like to share it to you. I hope this will be useful to you too.

Although we know how bad processed foods are, these ‘delicacies’ are still our favorite. Processed products, fast food, GMOs and sugary treats keep harming our bodies, and the worst thing is that we are well aware of it. Health-harming foods alter our pH values to terrifying extent.
Human bodies are meant to be alkaline, but we go against nature and make them acidic. Why would you prefer junk food over health-friendly fruits and veggies? Acidic pH values affect the immune function, and make the body prone to ailments.
Alkaline foods
If you are health-conscious, you probably do everything in your power to obtain your health at optimal level. We would like to contribute to your effort, and thus provide you with the top 5 alkaline foods. You do not have to be sick to eat healthy foods. Moreover, give your body a hand and help it perform its functions properly.
  1. Swiss chard
It is one of the mightiest alkaline foods, and it has shown to protect the system from viruses, bacteria and free radicals.
  1. Melon
It is a brilliant cleanser, plus it has an amazing pH value estimated to 8.5. Add this superfood to your diet, and always enjoy it fresh. You can use any melon you find. Watermelons are also great. This high-fiber fruit is 92% water.
  1. Buckwheat
If you still use wheat, it is probably because you have not tried buckwheat yet. Its nutrients boost energy and keep you full throughout the day. Eat more buckwheat to strengthen your heart and maintain optimal cardiovascular function.
  1. Olive oil
Yes, you know how olive oil is super powerful and healthy, but repetition is the mother of all knowledge. Olive oil contains more vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids than any other food.
  1. Flax seed
These seeds are highly alkaline, high-fiber and abundant in vitamin E. Their anti-inflammatory potential also helps in reducing hot flashes in menopausal women.
Other alkaline foods
  • Avocados are packed with healthy monounsaturated fats that strengthen heart
  • Bananas are amazing superfood
  • Berries are high in antioxidants
  • Carrots contain beta-carotene, known for its ability to improve vision
  • Garlic regulates blood pressure
  • Broccoli decreases cholesterol
  • Grapes contain multivitamins and antioxidants, and they are great for patients with hypertension
  • Pineapple provides healthy weight loss
  • Alfalfa sprouts are easy to digest and come packed with enzymes that provide normal hormonal balance
  • Lemons are the most amazing alkaline food; The citrusy fruit prevents colds, cough and flu
  • Brussels sprouts provide strong anti-cancer potential
  • Sauerkraut and other fermented foods are the probiotics you should add to your diet
  • Cauliflower is an excellent substitute of bread
  • Grapefruit is high in vitamins A and C
  • Seaweeds are abundant in iron and decrease acidity
  • Quinoa regulates blood sugar
  • Cucumber is 90% water, and it gives a healthy and youthful skin complexion
  • Parsley detoxifies intestines
  • Mango cleanses colon
  • Spinach is the ultimate veggie that contains tons of vitamins
  • Oranges protect against colds
  • Papaya is a natural laxative and it flushes toxins from the colon

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I am a swedish citizen with asian origin, lives in Sweden, entrepreneur, accountant, fashion designer, dressmaker, professional interpreter and translator and from year 2014, I also became a local politician with some assignments from the local government. I moved to Sweden after marriage with a Swedish national in 1986. Two years later we got a son followed by a daughter after 21 months. Satisfied with life in fact, I guess I got all I wished for, it feels I have everything. Being married is not just a bed of roses, the roses have thorns also and you can get it at times but we’ve always been doing pretty good. Kinder and better husband I do not think I can get, everyone has their flaws and life becomes easier if you can accept them. I’m not a perfect person either. I became a grandmother quite young, only 45 years old, was a little skeptical at first but then I loved to be one. Now I am already a grandmother of two, a boy and a girl of 20 months between them, such a great feeling, it feels like it was a replay of my life. When I have both of them at home, it feels like I was young again and is the mother of small children. I can not explain but so damn good it is. When I moved to Sweden I knew nothing about the country, but now it feels like I’ve always lived here. I speak Swedish better than my native language, better in Swedish grammar than my husband, it may sound strange but it’s true. I dream even in Swedish. I hang out with many Swedes, have worked and still working in Swedish companies. I go to the Swedish church though I am a Roman Catholic. We believe in the same God anyway. I’ve adapted pretty well in Swedish society. I think I have to adjust to that country I moved to, not the country or its citizens to adapt to me. Sweden has no responsibility whatsoever that I wanted to move here so I could not demand anything else, but now a citizen, I think I have the right as any other native Swedes. I pay taxes and do my duties as a citizen. I think I am a good role model and a loyal citizen and can fight for my new country.

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