PHILIPPINES: The Hidden History of Ancient Kingdoms and Empires

The Philippines is much more that it seems, much more than people give credit for, much more than what now is. It’s not an American territory or Spanish colony. It’s more than that. The Philippine Islands, has it’s own history and heritage that is nearly forgotten by the hundreds of years of Spanish  conquest andContinue reading “PHILIPPINES: The Hidden History of Ancient Kingdoms and Empires”

The solomon’s Gold Series

Join the search for the land of Solomon’s gold. A series which draws conclusions finding Ophir, restoring the history of Philippines, finding the Queen of Sheba, locating Tarshish, Havilah and the rivers from Eden, correcting the journey of Jonah, exploring the prophecy of Jesus himself, and more…The God Culture, urges you to challenge traditions.Continue reading “The solomon’s Gold Series”

Firmax3 Miracle Cream

Click the picture to buy the product I’ve seen about this product on YouTube and it seems very popular and effective. This is manufactured in Malaysia with so many benefits in the body and most of all for firming and lifting the skin. Since this is not known in Sweden yet then I contacted theContinue reading “Firmax3 Miracle Cream”

San Lorenzo Place by LK

I arrived in Manila today and I stayed on this condominium unit with 2 bedrooms at San Lorenzo Place Luxury Residences in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1223. I will be staying here alone in 2 weeks. It’s a very nice place, near to everything. It is a newly furnished condominium set in the Makati districtContinue reading “San Lorenzo Place by LK”

Two Tone Oval Cut Created Emerald Enhancer Wedding Set

I bought this ring from Jeulia. At first, I thought I was fooled, it took a bit long time that I almost forgot I ordered this but finally I got it now. It’s beautiful but it you can see immediately that it’s a fake one. It’s a silver ring with a gold-plated middle ring. IContinue reading “Two Tone Oval Cut Created Emerald Enhancer Wedding Set”

Miracle potion that kills cancer

This miracle potion kills cancer cells in just 3 months! This drink has become known when a herbalist from China began to be recommended for people which are suffering from lung cancer. This miracle potion prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body and prevent their re-emergence in just 3 months. For a drinkContinue reading “Miracle potion that kills cancer”

Sharon Cuneta

Jag drömde om den Filippinska megastjärnan Sharon Cuneta idag. I drömmen var jag kompis med hennes dotter (inte hennes verkliga dotter i det verkliga livet). Jag är tvungen att anteckna detta för att jag är så glömskt, jag kommer nog inte ihåg denna efter några dagar. Det var så verkligt! Hon såg mig i drömmenContinue reading “Sharon Cuneta”