Passion for fashion

Mitt intresse för kläder började redan när jag var barn. Min mamma var skräddare och då ville jag också bli det fast jag hade andra drömmar också. Jag ville bli stor och hade höga ambitioner. Sen så blev jag ekonom men min passion för kläder har aldrig kommit bort, utan tvärtom. Ju äldre jag blev desto blev jag mer klädmedveten och oftast designar jag och jag syr dem också själv. Jag kommer ihåg, jag hade gjort en egen klänning när jag var vara 12 år, dock endast en enkel husklänning men jag gjorde den! Så här såg den ut. 

min egen sydda klänning gjorde jag när jag var 12 år.
denna klänning har mamma gjort
som jag har designat för min födelsedag 1985
min egen design när jag var 21 år
en blus och en matchande kjol
en klänning som jag hade sytt och designat
och även min dotters klädsel var också mina egna
skapelse som vi hade båda två på midsommarafton 1991
Det finns en liten historia om bilden nedan:
Jag har denna förstorad och hänger på vår vägg och när min dotter var bara ett barn hon hade en vän som brukade leka med henne hemma hos oss och hon frågade min dotter när hon såg den här bilden om jag var en kändis. 🙂
… Inte så länge sedan, frågade mitt barnbarn mig om detta är mormor och jag sa “ja, när mormor var ung och vacker”. Min dotter hörde det och hon sa “nja, Jag tycker du är vackrare nu!”Tack så mycket för den min sötnos! ❤


min egen design och skapelse
som jag hade på min födelsedag 1993
Det har gått många år efter min första sydda klänning och det har blivit många av dem. Jag hade även startat ett eget företag sedan 2007 som sysslar om just mode och utför även  special beställda klänningar. Eftersom jag hade ett heltids jobb innan jag blev sjuk sommaren 2015 så var detta företag endast en bisyssla, men jag tar emot beställningar när jag kan och har tid. Jag ska visa upp några av dem så småningom nu när jag har startat en mode avdelning på min blogg så håll koll på det om ni är intresserade av mode.


Pleural Tumors

During my last MRI last year, my doctor told me that they found a tumor on my lungs which is called pleural tumor…

What are Pleural Tumors?
Pleural tumors are found in the pleural space—the cavity between the lungs and chest wall that contains lubricating pleural fluid. A pleural tumor is almost always metastatic (cancerous) and difficult to operate on. The prognosis is seldom encouraging. One type of tumor—called a localized fibrous tumor of the pleura (LFTP)—is the exception to the rule. Only about one in eight LFTPs is cancerous, and recovery after surgical removal is quite high despite their typically large size.

A cancerous pleural tumor is most often a secondary cancer, triggered by cancer cells that have spread to the pleural space from somewhere else in the body (usually the lungs). It is extremely unlikely that people who have never had cancer before will develop a metastatic pleural tumor. But patients who have had cancer are at risk, especially if treatment of that cancer was not totally successful in controlling it. Even so, the incidence of these tumors is rare, affecting perhaps one in 2,000 cancer patients.

The Mechanics of Pleural Tumors
Cancer cells can be transferred to the pleural space through the bloodstream or the lymph system. They also can develop due to the pleura’s direct contact with cancer tissue pressing in from the lungs. Once there, these cells can produce one or more tumors.

Metastatic pleural tumors usually cause a pleural effusion—the accumulation of an abnormal amount of pleural fluid in the chest cavity space. The fluid, which is often bloody, can provide accurate diagnostic information, so doctors commonly extract and analyze a sample of pleural fluid to help pinpoint the patient’s condition.

Symptoms of Pleural Tumors
LFTPs might not have any symptoms. They’re most often found when the patient’s chest is being x-rayed for other purposes. But metastatic pleural tumors produce symptoms similar to those of lung cancer or other serious chest ailments. They include:

Shortness of breath when active
Chest pain
General discomfort or uneasiness
Unintended weight loss
Causes of Pleural Tumors
One of the primary underlying causes of metastatic pleural tumors has been complications from mesothelioma—that is, lung cancer related to asbestos exposure. But other cancers can metastasize to the pleural space as well.

Very little is known about the cause of LFPTs, particularly the majority of these tumors that are benign. There seems to be some connection between cancerous LFPTs and either asbestos exposure or smoking.

Diagnosing Pleural Tumors
There are numerous procedures at a doctor’s disposal to develop a diagnosis. They include:

Listening to the sound of the patient’s breathing with a stethoscope
Tapping on the patient’s chest and listening for a dull sound (indicating a fluid build-up)
Taking an x-ray to reveal the make-up and condition of the chest area
Performing a CT (computed tomography) scan to obtain additional “internal” details
Drawing fluid from the chest cavity by needle (thoracentesis) and analyzing its contents
Viewing the pleural space using a thoracoscope to examine its characteristics
The most preferred diagnostic test is obtaining and analyzing a sample of the fluid in the pleural cavity. That’s because it’s relatively simple for both doctor and patient, and the results are highly reliable. Occasionally, there are cases in which a surgical biopsy procedure is performed to obtain actual tissue from the tumor.

Treating Pleural Tumors
Many LFPTs can be surgically removed and the prognosis is generally good. Metastatic pleural tumors, however, usually cannot be surgically removed. Treatment therefore focuses on the underlying cancer, relying as appropriate on such well-known regimens as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Any progress made with respect to the underlying cancer can extend to the pleural tumor.

Aid and Comfort
There’s no way around it. Metastatic pleural tumors are life threatening. Fewer than one in four patients survives more than five years after diagnosis. The stress and anxiety that accompany this ailment can often be lessened by joining a support group. The health care providers and fellow patients who participate can make a difficult situation a bit less so.

source : University of Rochester Medical Center Rochester, NY

A call from the hospital

I got a call today from the hospital. As agreed with my doctor on my last visit, she has to inform me about the result of the biopsy by phone, whatever the outcome might be, good or bad. Since she was not there at the hospital this week, she asked one of her nurses to call me.

The tumor doesn’t necessarily malignant…it is not probably dangerous so I have nothing to worry about but to be very sure they would take my case up on their meeting next friday. I would then get the definite result. If it is what they thought not malignant then they don’t need to do anything at all. I really hope so. I don’t want to go through another operation. May I recover without complications.

Telephone call from the rehab

My nurse at the rehabilitation called me up today following up the result of the medicines I am taking as I mentioned on my post on rehabilitation.
In fact they help a little, and I’m feeling a bit better now.  I don’t visit the toilet so often now. I may have abnormal bowel movements once in a while but it’s progressing. I have stomach cramps once in a while but I can manage. Some days I have a lot of gas in the stomach but it doesn’t matter if I am alone at home most of the time. It’s ok.

Second Biopsy

Woke up early today, already at 3:50 AM. I was not ready yet but my taxi came already at 4:15 to pick me up. It was booked at 4:30. At Sahlgrenska hospital at 6:20, the ward was still almost empty except for the cleaner, waited until some nurse came at 7. I was fetch by a nurse at 7:20, was given a locker for my things and given a hospital shirt. My nurse at the oncology ward told me that they would use a bigger needle than the first time so I was a little nervous if it would be that painful again.

Resting now in my room waiting for somebody to drive me to the testing ward, located on the other building, about 3 minutes trip with a mobile bed. I got this needle with tube so it will be easier for them to give me any medication on the process. I was given a pill, I guess it was to make me calm because after a while I felt dizzy and became sleepy.

Now I’m ready
I got this room for the day
At 8:20 two nurses came to pick me up. They drove me to the testing ward with the mobile bed where I would have a biopsy. Six nurses and anesthesiologists took care of me. I got medication through the needle in my hand. I got an oxygen tube in my nose, ECG tubes and another that was monitoring my blood pressure and the dextrose since I haven’t eaten anything since last night. I felt so tired and sleepy. I could hear and answer their questions but I had my eyes closed. I felt dizzy and felt no strength to open my eyes. It was very strange feelings. I was sleeping but in any way I was aware of what was happening. I felt I was put in and out in round machine just like the magnet scan machine. I guess they were taking picture on where to stick the needle to get tissue samples.

First they applied something cold, I guess it was disinfectant and then gave me injections with anesthesia. And then told me to stick the needle, I guess twice or 3 times, I was not so sure how many times they did, but more than once I’m sure. As I said I was conscious although my body fell asleep, so strange! I didn’t feel any pain only some clicking when they stick in the needle.

After a while I was put on a waiting room while I was still sleeping but I know anyway that they took me to another room which is the waking room. I was cold and feeling sick and I got a warmed blanket. I was driven back to the oncological ward at 11:30 AM and there I continued to sleep. My nurse woke me up and ask if I want something to eat. She gave me a sandwich and a glass of juice. Then I took another nap. I felt sick! I could feel saliva flowing in my mouth but I was too tired to get up and spit it out so I swallowed, then I fell asleep.

At 2:30 PM they brought me to the x-ray room to check that my lungs were all right. I was put back to my room after a while and there another nurse took care of me. She asked if I wanted something to eat. I was not feeling so well and I got a headache. I guess because of hunger but I was not longing for something. A yogurt maybe and a cup of coffee since I haven’t got any coffee for today. I used to get a headache if I miss my morning coffee. I felt sick and went to the toilet to vomit. Since I haven’t eaten so much so it didn’t come out so much, just had a lot of saliva flowing out from my mouth and a little sour something. Going back to my room I tried to eat the yogurt just to get back little strength. The result will be available next week. I really hope they could give me a diagnose then, I am really worried.
I x-ray result was good so I could go home. My nurse ordered for a taxi which will be coming to pick me up at 4:30 PM.

It was a very bad driver in deed! Sudden breaking, overtaking and such things, talking in the phone all the way and I was so afraid, it was snowing too. I even suspected that he was even having a telephone sex on the last phone call since he was whispering and I could hear a woman’s voice screaming, I don’t know…
I was finally at home at 7:30 PM very tired and still sleepy.

trace of the biopsy

You may want to read my first biopsy here

After Control

Today I was scheduled to meet my head doctor…

I like her, she is very caring like a doctor should be. Of all the doctors who have treated and examined me, she is the best. She is also a kind of specialist and lead the cancer research team at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Have I mentioned that Sahlgrenska Univ. Hospital is one of the biggest and best hospitals in Europe? Well, summarizing the treatment I got so far, I am so lucky to have under the hands of the best doctors in Sweden or perhaps in the world. I’m satisfied so far.
My good friend followed me to the hospital, we were pick up by a taxi from home and arrived at the hospital around 2:30 PM. I registered to the Oncological ward and I was fetch by my doctor at 3:00 PM. She checked me internally and she said everything seems to be all right. I was at her recipiency about half an hour talking about my recovery and such. It’s so good and comforting to talk to her. I am also scheduled to have another biopsy on the 2nd of March.
After the check up, I and my friend went to the coffee shop while waiting for our good friend to arrive after work. We went further to Gothenburg’s WOK Restaurant about 6 km from the hospital. At 7:30 PM our friend drove us back to the hospital where the taxi picked us up. It was a very nice lady chauffeur.  We arrived home around 11:00 PM.



Mjuk glass är lyxigare än hård! Med en egen mjukglassmaskin svänger du lätt ihop en hel liter mjukglass, och du kan smaksätta den precis som du själv vill! Prova att göra bananglass, kaffeglass eller korvglass!


Så står det att läsa i beskrivningen…trodde det var en liten maskin men det tar stor plats att förvara särskillt om man har ett litet kök som jag och i andra ord inget för barn. Rengöringen går dock ganska enkel, inte allt för krångliga kärl och vispar. Maskinen fungerar bra och glassen blir god men recepten är lite krångliga men vill man ha mjukglass så vill man!


OBS! Läs gärna mina recensioner innan du handlar eller beställer på internet. Klicka på recensioner på menyn ovanför.


Ärsmöte 2015

Idag är vår årsmöte för vår kommunförening. Jag och min man hämtade 4 tårtor som han hade beställt från ett känt bageri här i vår stad. Det ska vi bjuda medlemmarna till fikat efter mötet. De ser ut så här:

Det är så skönt att se att även vi i vår lilla förening växer. Jag blev invald ledamot för ett år igen och även som kassör. Mötets ordförande var distriktets ordförande Hannyah Jörtoft. 
Här hade Nina Drakfors från Skara föredrag om sin övergång
från att vara en Socialdemokrat till en Sverigedemokrat.
En tuff kvinna! 

Se fler bilder under mötet här.

A phone call from the rehab nurse

My rehab nurse called me to tell that my prescription of the medicine for stomach cramp is ready to pick up from the drugstore. Checking also about any progress and if I have used any of the protection I got. (for eventually leakage).
I have to send the measurements of urine and fluid intake within 24 hours in 2 days. I will do that ASAP.

Another call from my doctor

This afternoon I got a telephone call from my doctor. She told me that her staff have been discussing about my case since they couldn’t really give me a diagnose about the tumor in my back until they know what it is. After 2 magnetic x-rays and a biopsy, they don’t still recognized what that is so they are going to give me another biopsy ASAP. As I have mentioned on the earlier biopsy, it was so painful so she promised to give me a better anesthesia and an anesthesiologist should also be there during the process. I am a bit scared though.

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