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To potential business partners or leaders,

We are looking for business partners or leaders from ThailandPhilippines and Singapore to join with us in one of the greatest business opportunities in beauty and health industry under RF3 World.The company, which began in 2013 from home, has gone through exponential growth beyond expectations. With less than 3 years, the products are now in 7 countries – Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, and just stepped into Indian market. Today, the company has hatched 11 millionaires through it businesses and many more are in making.The company has become a new superstar in beauty and health industry because of the unique product that the company has invented. The stories of this product are being told from mouth to mouth and via online, getting wider attention because of the great users experiences.We believe a new phenomenon of beauty and health product will be emerged soon. Never miss the boat! Join our group now.

Why join us?

We do this business differently. We strongly believe, the business trend is moving from conventional to online business. The statistic shows; in year 2012, the worldwide sales online was USD1, 058 billion. And, in year 2015, the sales increased to USD1, 700 billion.This trend is growing from one year to another year. As a result in year 2018, it is predicted, the online sales shall increase up to USD2, 356 billion. This trend applies to the whole business sectors and counties all over the world including your country.

“ In Malaysia, we have successfully done the business. It’s right time for us to share the opportunity with our associates in other countries “
What do you get from us?
We will share our online success platform with you. We provide a similar website like our website with the extension URL, see the following examples;*The URL will be given based on “first come first serve basis”On the web pages, we will showcase your information such as your contact number, email address, and bank details for enable you to conduct the business. The order and registration forms shall be forwarded to your email once a client fill in the form and click the submit button.Other than that, you will get our support in conventional marketing technique, product knowledge and guide in beauty & healthy.

Who we are?

We are, the RF3World Sustainable Group; leads by a few leaders from different discipline and experience. They are: –Asri Ariffin – Holds BSc from UK and MSc from Australia. A professional physiotherapist, and loves entrepreneurial activities. His is an expert in marketing plan and products.Prof Dr Salzi – Graduated from a popular medical school in Australia. He is an expert in disease studies and love to share his knowledge in keeping a good health.Mohamad Nor Pa’Su – He has been in multi level marketing for more than 25 years. He is well versed in marketing plan and products. He is among the pioneers in RF3 inception.En Zahari Sharit – Holds MSc of University of Sunderland, UK. He started, his own businesses since 1996 in construction, traveling and education. From 2006, he focuses his business activities online.

Requirements to Join: –

  • Citizen of the respective countries
  • Join as Diamond Member
  • Join as Gold Member (Minimum)

What should you do now?

Easy…you have a few options: –Fill in the Member Application FormORContact us via Online FormORContact us via WhatsApp – at Mobile No. +46708396259We will respond once we have received your information.

Member Application Form

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