Magnet chest x-ray result

My doctor called me today to share the result of  the magnetic chest x-ray I had on November 4. They found another tumor in my back right side on the lung sack. I became very upset and started to cry. I thought I was able to breath deeply now that my cervix cancer treatment isContinue reading “Magnet chest x-ray result”

Magnet chest x-ray and after control

I have been to Sahlgrenska University hospital for a magnet chest x-ray and a genecologist check up/control with my doctor today. I couldn’t sleep well last night, I was afraid I would oversleep. I woke up every other hour, I felt very unconfortable. I get up before 6:00 AM and prepared myself and ate anContinue reading “Magnet chest x-ray and after control”

Long term side effects of radiotherapy

Aside from short term side effects as I’ve mentioned on my post on August 18, 2015 such as: Diarrhea Irritable bladder (or radiation cystitis) Feeling sick Bleeding from the vagina after internal radiotherapy Soreness and redness of your vulva or back passage,  there are also long term side effects of radiotherapy like as follows: SwellingContinue reading “Long term side effects of radiotherapy”

Sixth and the last chemo therapy

I got a voice mail yesterday because I missed a call from my nurse who is taking care of my chemo therapy. She said that the blood count that I took last wednesday was not appropriate for a chemo. I went to my early radiation anyway and went to the oncological day care ward forContinue reading “Sixth and the last chemo therapy”

6th week of treatment and internal radiation

Monday the 21st of September my daughter arrived early in the morning to follow me for a week on my treatment. We went by taxi as usual and arrived at the oncoligical ward around 9:30 AM. I registered and I was taken care of a couple of nurses and another doctor. We stayed on theContinue reading “6th week of treatment and internal radiation”

Fift chemotherapy and Internal radiation

Today thursday, the 17th of September I was scheduled to stay at the hospital until tomorrow for a thorough examination under anesthesia, internal radiation and chemotherapy. I woke up early to eat breakfast and take a shower. The taxi picked me up at 10:30 AM. Upon arrival and registration at oncological ward I was givenContinue reading “Fift chemotherapy and Internal radiation”