Fifth week of treatment

On monday, taxi picked me up from home at 8:05 AM and arrived at Sahlgrenska University Hospital at 10:30. I registered at oncoligal Ward and met my doctor at 11:00. My doctor told me that my body is responding properly with the treatment and that magnet x-ray last week shows a possitive result, the tumorContinue reading “Fifth week of treatment”

My fourth chemotherapy

Today September 11 is my fourth chemo therapy. After heavy bleeding since yesterday I feel totally worn out. I managed to have a shower though and finally was on the oncological ward at 8:40 AM, but my nurse fetched me at 9:10. The blood test last wednesday showed a good value. I told her aboutContinue reading “My fourth chemotherapy”

Fourth week of treatment

The taxi picked me up at 11:25 AM and at Sahlgrenska just before 2 PM. My scheduled time for radiation is 2:35 PM. I feel so weak, with nausea and diarrea. Monday radiation was ok, no delays and such. I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription of fragmin. Finally at the hotelContinue reading “Fourth week of treatment”

My third chemotherapy

Today, September 4, I was scheduled for a radiation therapy at 8:10 AM. The taxi picked me up at 7:45 and I was finished at 8:30 AM and went directly to the oncoligal ward to have chemotherapy. The nurse started almost immediately. The blood test last wednesday showed good value so I didn’t need toContinue reading “My third chemotherapy”

Third week of treatment

My third week of therapy is as usual, nothing happened so dramatically. Monday to friday radiation and friday chemo therapy. I checked into the hotel alone without my husband…I should manage to be alone now. I feel I could be alone anyway, nothing happened seriously, aside from nausea and diarrea, which I have medicine against,Continue reading “Third week of treatment”

Second week of treatment

This is my second week of treatment and I have booked an overnight hotel for me and my husband. I’ll have a late radiation today at 4:05 PM. We left home with a taxi at 12:20 PM and finally at Sahlgrenska at 3:30 PM  so I had to wait for an hour for a 2Continue reading “Second week of treatment”

My first chemo therapy

Today is friday, 21 August is my first chemo therapy. It’s a very early trip today, already 5:30 AM came the taxi to pick us up. My daughter is following me today. We arrived at the hospital at 8:30, that was a quick trip! The chemo started almost as soon as I arrived.  First IContinue reading “My first chemo therapy”

My first radiation treatment

I woke up before 7:00 AM today, so hungry and feeling so weak. I brewed coffee and prepared 2 cheese sandwiches and yogurt. I thought I could eat all that but after eating 2 sandwiches I felt very full already so I returned back the yogurt to the fridge and went to take a shower.Continue reading “My first radiation treatment”