First blood transfusion ever

This morning I didn’t get up from bed at 8:00 AM to take my medicine as I usually do since I became sick, instead I was Facebooking and chatting in bed with my sister untill 10:00 when I felt a lot of blood running out from me even if I had a thicker protection IContinue reading “First blood transfusion ever”

Another unbooked hospital visit

Today I am not feeling so good, I am bleeding again so I called the hospital and they told me to go there at 1:30 PM. Another doctor took care of me, one with a very long hair, her name is Ylva. She doesn’t look like a traditional doctor but very nice lady, between 50-60Continue reading “Another unbooked hospital visit”

A visit of Gothenburg Post’s reporter and photographer

On July 10, a reporter from Gothenburg Post called me up and wanted an interview with me regarding the cancer care in our Province and my experience with my contacts to the care units. My husband had have contacts with her since the day he found out that I won’t get any treatment within 7Continue reading “A visit of Gothenburg Post’s reporter and photographer”

Visit to Gynoncological Ward

Today I am booked to have a visit to my doctor at the gynoncological ward. I am always tensed when doing visits like this, I don’t know what is going to be done. According to the notification, this visit would take 3 hours. What will happen on these 3 hours, I don’t know yet. RightContinue reading “Visit to Gynoncological Ward”