Unplanned dinner with the family

Today I was booked to meet 2 of my good friends in town but I felt so tired, and very sleepy and at the same time it is pouring rain. My husband also wants us to go out and eat lunch at a restaurant. I don’t really feel well. I cancelled my meeting to myContinue reading “Unplanned dinner with the family”

Examination under general anesthesia

Woke up at 5:00 AM but stayed in bed until 6:00. I took a shower and prepared for the examination which will take place today. I will be anesthetized and be examined thoroughly to determine the best way to get rid of the cancer. Here now changed in hospital cloth and waiting. I feel so hungry,Continue reading “Examination under general anesthesia”

To Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Today I went to the hospital to stay overnight for the examination early tomorrow under general anesthesia. I was picked up by a taxi at 2:30 PM. The driver was from Iraq and talked not so good swedish but it was ok, we understood each other and he was very kind. We arrived at SahlgrenskaContinue reading “To Sahlgrenska University Hospital”


Today is our 29th wedding anniversary and instead of celebrating the day, we are traveling to Sahlgrenska University Hospital for registration before my planned operation. According to the notification this could take 6 hours. I don’t know what I have to do in 6 hours. We’ll see. I feel so tense and nervous. I andContinue reading “Registration”

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Today I went to the General Hospital in Skövde to have MRI (se below). I came in at 8:50 AM. I had to change into a patient outfit, left my things on a locked fitting room like area and locked my valuable things in another locker, then went to the MRI room. While lying onContinue reading “Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)”

The final diagnose

My doctor told me on my visit last thursday June 11, that I would get the right diagnose last monday June 15 and I have to bring my husband to get through necessary procedures and information regarding the desease. I called them last monday but the result haven’t come yet. I called again yesterday, tuesdayContinue reading “The final diagnose”

First examination with a doctor

I called our health center for a consultation…I told them what happened. After heavy bleeding again last night I could come in with priority. The doctor examined me and took blood test etc. He gave me a prescription of a medicine that I had to take in 10 days and at the same time shouldContinue reading “First examination with a doctor”