Miracle potion that kills cancer

This miracle potion kills cancer cells in just 3 months! This drink has become known when a herbalist from China began to be recommended for people which are suffering from lung cancer. This miracle potion prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body and prevent their re-emergence in just 3 months. For a drinkContinue reading “Miracle potion that kills cancer”

A wonderful news from my doctor

I got a telephone call from my doctor today and she told me a wonderful news: there are no more cancer cells in my cervix! On the other hand, the biopsy they made last December 4 was very unclear. As I already written earlier, they found out a tumor outside my lung sack but theyContinue reading “A wonderful news from my doctor”

My first radiation treatment

I woke up before 7:00 AM today, so hungry and feeling so weak. I brewed coffee and prepared 2 cheese sandwiches and yogurt. I thought I could eat all that but after eating 2 sandwiches I felt very full already so I returned back the yogurt to the fridge and went to take a shower.Continue reading “My first radiation treatment”