Long term side effects of radiotherapy

Aside from short term side effects as I’ve mentioned on my post on August 18, 2015 such as: Diarrhea Irritable bladder (or radiation cystitis) Feeling sick Bleeding from the vagina after internal radiotherapy Soreness and redness of your vulva or back passage,  there are also long term side effects of radiotherapy like as follows: SwellingContinue reading “Long term side effects of radiotherapy”

6th week of treatment and internal radiation

Monday the 21st of September my daughter arrived early in the morning to follow me for a week on my treatment. We went by taxi as usual and arrived at the oncoligical ward around 9:30 AM. I registered and I was taken care of a couple of nurses and another doctor. We stayed on theContinue reading “6th week of treatment and internal radiation”

Fifth week of treatment

On monday, taxi picked me up from home at 8:05 AM and arrived at Sahlgrenska University Hospital at 10:30. I registered at oncoligal Ward and met my doctor at 11:00. My doctor told me that my body is responding properly with the treatment and that magnet x-ray last week shows a possitive result, the tumorContinue reading “Fifth week of treatment”

My fourth chemotherapy

Today September 11 is my fourth chemo therapy. After heavy bleeding since yesterday I feel totally worn out. I managed to have a shower though and finally was on the oncological ward at 8:40 AM, but my nurse fetched me at 9:10. The blood test last wednesday showed a good value. I told her aboutContinue reading “My fourth chemotherapy”

Fourth week of treatment

The taxi picked me up at 11:25 AM and at Sahlgrenska just before 2 PM. My scheduled time for radiation is 2:35 PM. I feel so weak, with nausea and diarrea. Monday radiation was ok, no delays and such. I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription of fragmin. Finally at the hotelContinue reading “Fourth week of treatment”

My third chemotherapy

Today, September 4, I was scheduled for a radiation therapy at 8:10 AM. The taxi picked me up at 7:45 and I was finished at 8:30 AM and went directly to the oncoligal ward to have chemotherapy. The nurse started almost immediately. The blood test last wednesday showed good value so I didn’t need toContinue reading “My third chemotherapy”

Third week of treatment

My third week of therapy is as usual, nothing happened so dramatically. Monday to friday radiation and friday chemo therapy. I checked into the hotel alone without my husband…I should manage to be alone now. I feel I could be alone anyway, nothing happened seriously, aside from nausea and diarrea, which I have medicine against,Continue reading “Third week of treatment”

Second week of treatment

This is my second week of treatment and I have booked an overnight hotel for me and my husband. I’ll have a late radiation today at 4:05 PM. We left home with a taxi at 12:20 PM and finally at Sahlgrenska at 3:30 PM  so I had to wait for an hour for a 2Continue reading “Second week of treatment”

My first chemo therapy

Today is friday, 21 August is my first chemo therapy. It’s a very early trip today, already 5:30 AM came the taxi to pick us up. My daughter is following me today. We arrived at the hospital at 8:30, that was a quick trip! The chemo started almost as soon as I arrived.  First IContinue reading “My first chemo therapy”