Pulmonary function tests

Today I am book for a pulmonary function tests at Sahlgrenska University Hospital to measure lungs function prior to my operation later in the fall. I went by a taxi from home around 10:30 in the morning. My scheduled time is 1:00 PM and I arrived exactly on time. I registered at Employment and pulmonary physiologyContinue reading “Pulmonary function tests”

Magnet chest x-ray and after control

I have been to Sahlgrenska University hospital for a magnet chest x-ray and a genecologist check up/control with my doctor today. I couldn’t sleep well last night, I was afraid I would oversleep. I woke up every other hour, I felt very unconfortable. I get up before 6:00 AM and prepared myself and ate anContinue reading “Magnet chest x-ray and after control”

Fifth week of treatment

On monday, taxi picked me up from home at 8:05 AM and arrived at Sahlgrenska University Hospital at 10:30. I registered at oncoligal Ward and met my doctor at 11:00. My doctor told me that my body is responding properly with the treatment and that magnet x-ray last week shows a possitive result, the tumorContinue reading “Fifth week of treatment”

Second week of treatment

This is my second week of treatment and I have booked an overnight hotel for me and my husband. I’ll have a late radiation today at 4:05 PM. We left home with a taxi at 12:20 PM and finally at Sahlgrenska at 3:30 PM  so I had to wait for an hour for a 2Continue reading “Second week of treatment”

My first radiation treatment

I woke up before 7:00 AM today, so hungry and feeling so weak. I brewed coffee and prepared 2 cheese sandwiches and yogurt. I thought I could eat all that but after eating 2 sandwiches I felt very full already so I returned back the yogurt to the fridge and went to take a shower.Continue reading “My first radiation treatment”

Visit to Gynoncological Ward

Today I am booked to have a visit to my doctor at the gynoncological ward. I am always tensed when doing visits like this, I don’t know what is going to be done. According to the notification, this visit would take 3 hours. What will happen on these 3 hours, I don’t know yet. RightContinue reading “Visit to Gynoncological Ward”

Examination under general anesthesia

Woke up at 5:00 AM but stayed in bed until 6:00. I took a shower and prepared for the examination which will take place today. I will be anesthetized and be examined thoroughly to determine the best way to get rid of the cancer. Here now changed in hospital cloth and waiting. I feel so hungry,Continue reading “Examination under general anesthesia”