Update on my Private life

This is an update on my private life. I am now single after 35 years of marriage.

Just in case you are interested…

My ex-husband and I have had marital problems for a long time, but I didn’t want to have a broken home, especially when my children were small, so I stayed in the marriage. I was destined to grow old with him, I can sacrifice my happiness just to keep my family intact, but in December 2021, happened something terrible to us that I never want to talk to him again, not even want to see him. I was being humiliated and disrespected as if I am worthless. That was the last drop. I have to accept that I failed in my marriage, which I have been denying all the time. I don’t want to fail, I will show the world that there is eternal love, but here I am, I was very wrong.
I wanted to have a long-lasting relationship, till death do us part, but look at me now.

Although I am not sad about losing my ex, in fact, I am rejoicing but the failure of having a long-lasting marriage makes me so sad. I thought for a while I already found the love of my life, we will grow old together, having fun together when we are both gray-haired, but I realized later on that my ex has another agenda when getting old, and I’m so sorry about that. But I am destined to look for another love for the rest of my life. I will be happy because I know I deserve to be. My only regret is that this separation could have happened earlier when I was younger.

Well, that’s life! As I said, I didn’t know my ex had other agenda than to grow old with me, and it’s so sad.

From now on, I may be active in blogging again, just like in the beginning. I hope you will follow my journey to another love.

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